// last day of being 5 //

I have a tradition where I make a portrait of my kids on the day before their birthday. I've found that the actual day never works out. So, yesterday I asked Amali if I could take her photo on the last day of being five. She flat out said no. She wanted me to take a *video* of her on the swing because it's been her favourite thing while she's been five (her words). I'm not going to lie to you, I said I was making a video while I was actually taking photos because (and it's a little embarrassing to admit) I've never captured video on my big camera and I didn't even know how to do it. But she was adamant: it had to be video. So I fumbled with my settings and found the right buttons ... and, in the end, her idea was so much better!

Happy Birthday to my favourite girl human in the whole entire world. I promise to make more videos of you squeezing the stuffing out of being six.